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BaxandallEQ – The World’s most popular EQ now in Eurorack Modular format


It was never easier to treat your mono/stereo system or external instruments, whole mixes with a touch of this precision equalizer that allows you to dial in any sound from 1950’s onwards. Our design is based on the fairly popular and now famous work of renowned electronics designer Peter Baxandall who designed one of the world’s most popular EQ curves to date. Why are they so popular? They improve on any source signal you process/send through them.

Here at Konstant Lab we highly admire Peter Baxandall and his work so we decided to base our next module on one of his renowned circuits that stood the testament of time in various tour applications and studio rigs all around the world and make it available for the eurorack modular format, while also improving upon its premise and foundation.

BaxandallEQ is a 3-Band EQ equalizer with two individual channels on board. Gain of each of its bands (bass/middle/treble) features a ±15dB range. Both of the featured channels can be used independently (stereo) with individual gain for each band or as a one big massive single channel with staggering ± 30dB of gain on each band. Internal routing of the circuit of the module is our modification based on the legendary EQ design from 1952.

This highly sought after EQ circuit is being used for well over 70 years for processing audio, mastering in many high-end studios as well as home studios and home radios all around the world. We took the original circuit and its bass/treble section and modified it to feature a defined and sound-rich middle range. Our premise was to deliver a convenient way how to treat your whole eurorack modular system with some precision EQ processing without compromising on sound, high-quality components, and materials. All analog signal path features only the best hand-selected condensers from WIMA and high-quality/low-noise opamps to deliver the best sound possible without any unwanted artifacts. The whole circuit and its components reside on one PCB which allowed us to keep high-quality/high-performance sound without increasing upon modules depth.

There is a switch on the back of the module that allows you to set the overall gain of the module – either 0dB or +6dB if desired.

BaxandallEQ offers you a broad range of applications for your modular system and external instruments alike. It pairs exceptionally well with our high-quality stereo mixer module PanoramaMIX and M2S (mono to stereo converter module).

It was never easier and more affordable to add a slight touch of precision, eliminate unwanted frequencies coming out from your eurorack modular patches, add raw analog power to bass drums, snares, claps, percussions, or glue whole mixes together. Simply feature BaxandallEQ in your signal path and watch the magic of sound reminiscent of the vintage era unfold right before you.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm

+12V / 16mA
-12V / 16mA


40Hz / ±18dB


800Hz / ±16dB


11kHz / ±15dB


25 Hz – 30 kHz / ± 1 dB
15 Hz – 50 kHz / ± 3 dB

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion))

0,006 % [ 1 kHz, Output Level 0 dBm ( 0,775 Vrms ) ]

SNR (Signal no Noise Ratio)

>95 dB [ BW 1MHz ]

Basic transfer gain:

0dB / +6dB (switch on back)


6,5Vrms (>18Vpp)






2 screws
2 plastic washers
power flat cable