BoardPWR SET – Eurorack “no HP” power supply bundle

274.80 with EU VAT

Everything what you need for powering of your case is included in one SET. BoardPWR SET is best choice for eurorack studio and traveling cases…



Konstant Lab Power SET is ideal choice of power for DIY case builders. Everything what you need for powering of your case is included in one SET. BoardPWR SET is best choice for Eurorack Studio and traveling cases.

BoardPWR SET – include small 45W power board (zero HP) (+12V / 2A, -12V / 1.2A, +5V / 1.5A), power inlet panel with switch, two Filtered busboards, each of them has 18 output headers (6 filtered and 12 direct), 60W Meanwell medical type Power brick, wires, spacers and screws.

BoardPWR is small and low weight PSU solution. You can mount it in to your synth case and not lost HP. BoardPWR is safe supplied from external DC power brick (16-20V).

Filtered Bus Board is low profile bus board with extra filtered output headers. Bus board contain 18 output headers. 12 direct headers and 6 filtered headers with LC filters. The filtered headers are dedicated for feeding analog modules which are sensitive to power quality. Filters reject noise caused by PSU and digital modules by 70%. Each power rail is protected against overvoltage for modules safety. 90% bus board area has high only 11mm with inserted connectors. This feature made Filtered bus board ideal power distribution solution for skiff cases.

Additional information

Weight 1162 g
Dimensions 43 × 30 × 5 cm



+12V / 2000mA, -12V / 1200mA, +5V / 1500mA

Typical output ripple noise

under 20mVpp / 20MHz BW


Total 38 output shrouded headers


Overvoltage protection on PSU also on each bus board – keep your modules safe
High quality shock resistant "Push to Connect" terminals
Unique LC filtering circuits
LEDs indicate presence of voltage and voltage drop
Easy for montage and connection
Medical type Meanwell power brick with worldwide input range
All parts for PSU system included (PSU, Powerbrick, Busboards, powercord, Inlet with switch, wires, screws, spacers, fixing stripes…)


EU Plug, GB Plug, USA Plug

BoardPWR manual


Inlet panel dimensions and cutout diagram


Filtered Bus Board Manual