FleXi blind panel M – 12HP – 24HP

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FleXi blind panel can easy adjust the wide and fill free space…


FleXi blind panel is a useful product for all people who often switch their modules. When you end up with free space between modules you can use our blind panel to fill in the gap. FleXi blind panel can be easily fitted into your case and fill free space from 12HP to 24HP. FleXi Blind Panel is made of two parts. These parts can be used together. Also, they can be used as two independent 12HP blind panels. FleXi Blind Panel is made from lightweight aluminum with high-quality powder coat.

Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 7 × 14 × 0.3 cm

3U / 12HP – 24HP


1 – 2mm


6x Black screws, 6x plastic washers

FleXi Blind Panel M - manual