HammerPWR – 100W Eurorack modular power supply

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You asked, we listened. The evolution of eurorack modular power supply is finally here. HammerPWR is a powerful 100W unit with an output that can supply enough juice to the most hardcore eurorack system out there.


Over the span, of many years we have been designing, building, prototyping, and producing reliable eurorack modular power supplies meant to protect you and your modules that found their home in many eurorack modular systems, DIY cases, professional studios, and live applications across the whole world. We are forever grateful for this one a lifetime opportunity to make our passion into a tangible reality and also for your continuous support of our designs and amazing feedback that pushes us well beyond available standard solutions. Over the years we have been asked many times by our users to provide a definite eurorack modular power supply that would be able to sustain and protect the most “busy” of setups. Behind the scenes, we were slowly prototyping and developing a brand new type of eurorack modular power supply that would provide even more stable clean power and further address many of the intrinsic topics which plague the daily eurorack modular musician.
Introducing ~ HammerPWR. Why HammerPWR you ask? It is quite simple. It packs a powerful 100W unit with an output that can supply enough juice to the most hardcore eurorack system out there. Two of these will get your eurorack modular system rig going for a lifetime.

In the beginning, we have taken our years of experience from the eurorack modular realm, industrial electronic design background, our craft, and feedback of our users to transmute it all into the strongest eurorack modular power supply meant for use in the hardest of conditions on the market featuring the highest power density money can buy. The ideal solution for the largest of systems featuring many power-hungry analog/digital modules or modules which draw a lot of current needed for their ensured smooth operation. Our system of filtered protection on the inputs and outputs of the power supply stays in place with minor tweaks to its core design making sure that your system will keep operating under hassle-free, low-noise, artifact-free conditions while also being protected from noises present in the power grid at times so your system and modules are safe and intact from external occurrences, mishaps, and influences. To ensure the lowest possible noise within your system we have used a special type of converters with low noise on their outputs and we have split the +12V / 5A power branches by 2,5A + 2,5A to further decrease inherent influence between modules. Two sets of output terminals then further elevate the stress of cables connected to the bus board for longer service life.

HammerPWR is safely + externally powered from a 120W power brick (Meanwell GST120A-P1M – sold separately ) to make sure you and your modules are safe as well under all conditions.

The small dimensions of HammerPWR make it an ideal choice for any system including skiff and DIY where depth and size can be your concern.

Easy to install push to connect system – WAGO 256 series shockproof + push to connect terminals ensure easy installation of HammerPWR within your case.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm



+12V / 5A (splited to two branches 2.5A + 2.5A)
-12V / 2.5A
+5V / 2A


20V DC


8x WAGO spring terminals
16 pin IDC for flat cable


WAGO spring terminals
Panel with 5,5 x 2.5 DC input (center positive) and switch included


Input filter
Input overvoltage
Input reverse polarity voltage protection
Output overvoltage
Output short circuit – automatic recovery
Output over current – automatic recovery
All output protections are independent for each rail




Dual input common mode LC filter with high efficiency of canceling noise and interference from input connector
Additional input filter for each converter for minimal output noise and interferences
LEDs indicate present and drop of output voltage
+12V output is splited to two branches for modules separation and minimalize of voltage dropout


Alluminum panel with 5,5 x 2.5 DC input (center positive), power switch and two 25cm wires
Screws 2,9 x 13mm 6pcs
Spacers 3mm height 4pcs

HammerPWR wiring diagram


Diagram for understanding of input and output wires connection. ( Busboards are sold separately )

Inlet panel dimensions and cutout diagram