SeventyPWR – 70W Eurorack modular power supply

214.80 with EU VAT

Sturdy, silent and efficiency power supply for powering cases with lot of digital modules. 70W of output power with precise adjusted output voltages. It is SeventyPWR.


Many requests for sturdy, silent and efficiency power supply for powering cases with lot of digital modules which need extra power during starting sequence, forced us to design SeventyPWR PSU. SeventyPWR has (of course) 70W of output power (+12V / 2500mA, -12V / 2500mA and +5V / 2000mA). Design is based on our most powerful HammerPWR PSU with few upgrades.

SeventyPWR PSU is targeted to all who wants enough of power, low noise, high efficiency, best filtering and high level of power stability and secure protection for all modules in eurorack case.

Narrow shape of SeventyPWR allows to mount it between two bus boards. A Doubled output terminal connects wires separately to two (or four) bus boards. This minimalize wire length and impedance of power network. SeventyPWR works perfectly with our Filtered bus boards and also with all standard bus boards form other producers.

Special feature of SeventyPWR is possibility to adjust of output voltage in safe range. Output voltages +12V and -12V are factory adjusted with accuracy of 0,1% or better. Adjusting feature can compensate voltage drop on wires under load. This feature allows setting very accurate voltage directly on the modules power inputs.

As is our practice SeventyPWR comes with overvoltage, over temperature, over current, short current, over load and input reverse polarity protection. There are two stages of input filters which decrease noise from power brick and electrical grid.

SeventyPWR is safely + externally powered from a 90W power brick (Meanwell GSM90A19-P1M – sold separately ) to make sure you and your modules are safe as well under all conditions. Inlet panel with connector and switch comes with PSU as basic accessories.

SeventyPWR ideal choice for any system including skiff and DIY where depth and size can be your concern.

Easy to install push to connect system – WAGO 256 series shockproof + push to connect terminals ensure easy installation of SeventyPWR within your case.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 13 × 16 × 2 cm



+12V / 2500 mA
-12V / 2500 mA
+5V / 2000 mA


19V DC


8x WAGO spring terminals
16 pin IDC for flat cable


WAGO spring terminals
Panel with 5,5 x 2.5 DC input (center positive) and switch included


Input filter
Input overvoltage
Input reverse polarity voltage protection
Output overvoltage
Output short circuit – automatic recovery
Output over current – automatic recovery
All output protections are independent for each rail




Possibility of +12V / -12V voltages adjusting
Dual input common mode LC filter with high efficiency of canceling noise and interference from input connector
Additional input filter for each converter for minimal output noise and interferences
LEDs indicate present and drop of output voltage


Alluminum panel with 5,5 x 2.5 DC input (center positive), power switch and two 25cm wires
Screws 2,9 x 13mm 6pcs
Spacers 3mm height 4pcs

SeventyPWR wiring diagram


Diagram for understanding of input and output wires connection. ( Busboards are sold separately )

Inlet panel dimensions and cutout diagram